Sharon Grimes's Opening Reception Friday October 4th, 2019

AlexArt International Art Gallery announces an exhibition featuring new works by the Artist Sharon Grimes 


The Gallery will be hosting the Opening Reception on Friday, October 4th, 2019, from 5:30 to 9:00 pm.

Inspired by nature and the universe, Sharon creates works on wood with vivid colors and vibrant energy. They are consistently characterized by strong composition, contrast, and texture which demonstrates her remarkable understanding of shape and composition.

Sharon gives the viewer horizons new and original, something soft and dynamic at the same time, like a mystic language of the soul.

AlexArt Celebrates the Autumn

AlexArt International Art Gallery celebrates the beginning of Fall with a celebration of colors and shapes. New artists, new creations of flowers, sea, landscapes, and the thousand souls of abstract works. Come to the gallery to discover the new masterpieces by Massimo Meda, Fabio Dal Boni, Bill Stone, Sharon Grimes, Shima Shanti, Edoardo Montaina, Guido Borelli, and Danka Weitzen.



With many works of art collected and on their way to new homes, AlexArt International was under the spotlights at Art Santa Fe 2019. Fabio Dal Boni with his unearthly colors had an amazing show, placing multiple pieces and taking commissions for custom made artworks. Alexa Scanziani, the owner of AlexArt International, had a very productive week negotiating gallery placements for four new artists two of which are already being showcased in Sarasota --- the unique collections of Shima Shanti and Sharon Grimes. 

Massimo Meda's Fountain is being assembled in Rapallo (Italy)

The beautiful Riviera Ligure (Italy) will be adorned in the coming weeks by the fountain created by Massimo Meda for the city of Rapallo. The fountain will become the central point of the redeveloped square in front of the train station.


After remarkable shows during Miami Art Basel and New York Art Expo, Fabio Dal Boni is going to exhibit his artwors at Art Santa Fe, New Mexico.  Save the date July 18-21, 2019 and enjoy the show at Art Santa Fe, booth 511.

Book here to participate with Fabio at one of the most vibrant event in the heart of the United States.

Art Santa Fe is an annual four-day gathering of exceptional artists and galleries from around the world, exploring world-class modern and contemporary art in Santa Fe, the third largest art market in the United States. 

Visit and follow Fabio Boni's unearthly colors at Art Santa Fe, booth 511, Santa Fe Convention Center, 201 W Marcy St.



Showcasing a very colorful collection, at Miami Spectrum Fabio Dal Boni sold more than any other artist. Redwood Media Group final report sees Fabio in fourth place in the general list of top sales by galleries and artists, and in the first place among artists who have participated in the event with a solo booth. A terrific result to be shared with all my collectors and fans. Thanks!


Read the entire story in Redwood Media Group!

Molly and Chris celebrate their love in the art

In the happiest day of their life, Molly and Chris have decided to celebrate their wedding in a really special venue -- at AlexArt International Art Gallery.



Their marriage has thus begun in a feast of colors and of unique artworks by Fabio Dal Boni, Massimo Meda, Guido Borelli, Danka Weitzen and more international artists.


Christmas is a special time of the year and at AlexArt International Art Gallery it has been celebrated with beautiful decorations and surprises.

On November 29th, kids revealed the front store’s 3-panel window - that had been covered with Christmas paper - to discover a beautiful and exotic Nativity! It was created by 15-year-old Matilde Dal Boni with hundreds of hand-painted figures: all kinds of animals, fantastic figures and personalities from past history.

These peaceful creatures were positioned on concrete Medablocks (by artist Massimo Meda) and it seemed that they were converging toward baby Jesus, placed between his parents just outside a Sioux tent. On the background, a beautiful fluorescent Moon painted by Massimo Meda that has been shining every night and will continue to be there until January 7th!

On December 15th and 22nd, a special guest has visited AlexArt International Art Gallery — Santa! The dear bearded man in red and gold-rimmed glasses has given out presents to many young children who were at the gallery with their parents: books, soft toys, and candies.

Happy Holiday Season to all of you!

Russian Art Journey, Opening Dec. 7

AlexArt International is proud to presents The Russian Art Journey, an exhibition of contemporary artists and memorabilia from the Czarist Era to the fall of the Soviet Union. The exclusive collection, curated by Alexa Scanziani, tells the big changes that shaped the future of this Region in the early ‘90s.

The artworks of some of the most acclaimed multidisciplinary talents like Dan Semenovich Markovich, Igor Aleksandrovich Krupenko, Andrei Sharov, and Alexander Tumanov are displayed in fascinating dialogue among the diverse cultures of Russia, Georgia, and the other former Soviet Republics. Exhibit dates: December 7 – January 31, 2018 Opening Reception: Friday, December 7, 6:00–9:00 pm