Russian Art Journey, Opening Dec. 7

AlexArt International is proud to present The Russian Art Journey, an exhibition of contemporary artists and memorabilia from the Czarist Era to the fall of the Soviet Union.

The exclusive collection, curated by Alexa Scanziani, tells the big changes that shaped the future of this Region in the early ‘90s.

The artworks of some of the most acclaimed multidisciplinary talents like Dan Semenovich Markovich, Igor Aleksandrovich Krupenko, Andrei Sharov, and Alexander Tumanov are displayed in fascinating dialogue among the diverse cultures of Russia, Georgia, and the other former Soviet Republics.

Exhibit dates: December 7 – January 31, 2018

Opening Reception: Friday, December 7, 6:00–9:00 pm

Fabio Dal Boni at Spectrum Miami 2018, Dec 5-9 - Booth 321

After last year's success, Fabio Dal Boni will return to Miami for the Art Week with an even bigger exhibition space. Save the date December 5-9, 2018 and enjoy the show at Miami Spectrum, booth 321. Book here to participate with Fabio at the most exclusive art week of the year!


Miami features leading artists, galleries, art dealers, art consultants, designers from America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia. Spectrum Miami. Red Dot Miami, Miami Art Basel and dozen of important fairs, all around Miami, showing significant works of Modern, Pop and Contemporary art. Visit and follow Fabio Boni's unearthly colors at Spectrum Miami, booth 321, at Mana Wynwood, 2217 NW 5th Avenue.

SRQ / Old Masters at First Friday Artwalk


For those seeking out the aforementioned Italian Old Masters, look no further than AlexArt International Art Gallery on Pineapple Avenue. Inside, in addition to the vibrant, three-dimensional art of Massimo Meda, gallery owner Alexa Scanziani has put together a special exhibition of five paintings never before exhibited in the United States.  These works come from private collections and will only be on display through November 3. Paintings include Landscape with Cattle and Figures by Francesco Zuccarelli, Praying Virgin by Francesco Guardi and, in a Flemish touch, a landscape from Jan Wildens.





AlexArt International proudly presents Old Masters

Superb Old Masters Paintings will be on exhibit at AlexArt International Art Gallery in Sarasota, FL (USA) from October 5 to November 3, 2018.

The exhibition will lead guests, collectors, art teachers, and students along a path never explored. It will reveal a fascinating connection among some of the most representative Old Masters in Italian and Flemish Art. 

Major experts and important literature attest to the authenticity of the masterpieces.

The "Praying Virgin", a rare oval by Francesco Guardi, the “Capriccio with Tower and Village" by Michele Marieschi and the bucolic landscape by Francesco Zuccarelli will be showcased at AlexArt International Art Gallery for the sole concession of one of the heirs of the business magnate and art collector Antonio Giuliani. A beautiful landscape by Flemish 17-century painter Jan Wildens and an interesting Nativity of Jesus with Oriental flavor by an anonymous complete the rare collection.

AlexArt International Art Gallery of Sarasota has been selected as the exclusive representative to enhance a selection of this magnificent private collection. This confirms the great positioning of the iconic studio in Sarasota as a perfect meeting point between Italian excellence, American collectors, and International events.

Join us at AlexArt International Art Gallery in Sarasota (Florida), 25 N Pineapple Ave, for this unique opportunity.

Pre-Opening by invitation: Friday 5, October 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm

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Fabio Dal Boni creates work of art for Pepin Heart Institute of Tampa, and meets Tom Pepin philanthropist behind it


(WFLA) - Fabio Dal Boni is a gifted local artist. At 59, he suddenly suffered a massive heart attack while playing tennis with his wife. He was rushed to the Pepin Heart Institute at Florida Hospital in Tampa, but was unresponsive. He remembers, vividly, being overcome by a feeling of peace. "The light was incredible. White and bright," he said. Doctors were able to revive Dal Boni after he was technically dead for several minutes, a time lapse far too long for most to survive. He suffered what is known as a widow maker heart attack. A main artery in his heart was 100 percent blocked. "The doctor said, 'you're back. You have an extra life.' Enjoy this extra life," said Dal Boni. That was two and a half years ago and Dal Boni knew he had to show his gratitude in a way only he could. He created a very special work of art for the Pepin Heart Institute and the philanthropist behind it, Tom Pepin.

The two men met for the first time as Dal Boni presented Pepin with his creation. At first glance, the artwork is clearly in the shape of a heart but it goes much deeper than that. Dal Boni read about a cave in Navajo territory in Arizona, where for only a moment each day, sunlight hits the cave ceiling and forms the shape of a heart. Dal Boni traveled there and captured the image on his cell phone that he then turned into an amazing work of art. Tom Pepin is deeply touched by Dal Boni's gift. He says the Pepin Heart Institute was built in honor of his father, Art Pepin, who was a heart transplant recipient. "Fighting heart disease is one of the greatest gifts we can give our community because there is a tsunami of cardiovascular disease that has hit our state and our nation," Pepin said.  The Pepin Heart Institute is now 20 years old and has helped more than 100,000 patients in that time. "We have a philosophy that we treat the entire family, not just the patient. Over and over again I hear these stories and that does my heart well," said Pepin. As for Dal Boni, he is living his best life and appreciating the second chance at life he's been given.

 Watch the video-interview on WFLA News Channel 8!


A total of $2,200 was raised in a Silent Auction on September 15th, 2018 from the purchasing of 10 clay mermaids that were beautifully decorated by some of the artists working with AlexArt International Art Gallery in Sarasota. 

The initiative was launched by Lark Baxter, who also founded Fintastik Friends, an association devoted to help limb loss/difference children to swim. The money raised will help purchase AmpFin prosthetic swim fins for kids. There are 21 milion people in the USA living with limb loss, and a significant section of that demographic are children.

The auction took place at Lorrie and Gary Dickinson’s beautiful Gillespie Studio, while people mingled and enjoyed Captain Douglas Ricciardi’s cocktails and appetizers (Exotic Tropical Fruit Sculptures, 941 587 6165). Lenny Besterman of Sarasota Experience filmed the event.

AlexArt International identified five of the 10 artists who beautifully decorated the clay mermaids made by Troy and Carla; the other five represented The Bazaar on Apricot and Lime. 

A big thanks to all the artists especially to Elena Chvanova (on the left in the photo with Lark Baxter) whose mermaid was the most sought after.


Fabio Dal Boni has been invited to exhibit his work at ART EXPO NEW YORK, which is the biggest and most anticipated art show in the world.

His aluminum creations have been chosen by the jury of the organization together with the beatiful works of artist from all over the world.

Follow Fabio's exhibition, between April 19-22, at booth S-628

ART EXPO NEW YORK is at Pier 94 - 711 12th Ave, New York


Yesterday night AlexArt International Gallery looked amazing and, with its great acoustic, was truly the best place to host an event of poetry and music. A great thank to the beautiful crowd that gathered to enjoy Piero Rivolta's s poetry and presentation of his latest novel "Bridge Through The Stars'. Piero also gave his guests "The Need for Poetry - A Manifesto" in which he asks all of us "to see the world in a more poetic way and with simplicity", and expresses his hopes for a new Renaissance. Thanks to Natalia Maiden, who accompanied him with her violin, and to Richard Storm, who translated Piero's verses from Italian into English.

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Purely Piero, a night of poetry at AlexArt International Gallery

AlexArt International Gallery is pleased to announce “Purely Piero”.

A night of poetry with Piero Rivolta to hear his story and introduce his poetry and newest writing, “Bridge Through the Stars: A Novel of Desire and Destiny”

Wine and light hors d’oeuvres served.

Special Guests: Richard Storm & Natalia Maiden