About Pablo Nunez

Pablo Nunez Arriagada was born in Santiago Chile February 11, 1962 He attended primary school at Simon Bolivar de las Condes and secondary school at the German Chilean Superior Technical School of Nunoa , specializing in the area metal mechanics. Then, he took courses in fabrication and design of jewelry specializing in “lost wax”.

He open a studio where he manufactured jewelry and as a hobby and began a workshop in acid-etched glass. In 1997 he immigrated to the US where he began to work in the mechanical area of the aviation industry.

It was there when he met Cuban artist Wilfredo Barcelo who studied at the San Alejandro Academy in Havana; building a kindred relationship that continues to this day. Because this friendship with Wilfredo, Pablo became interested more and more in art, first as a collector and then taking painting classes with him; not satisfied and always with the yearning of something different.

Pablo went to Italy to learn other techniques of art where he connected with local artists by visiting their studios in many cities such as Florence, Rome, Carrara, and Lecce among other marvels whereby, upon returning to the US, Pablo began working with wood, carving wood using the three-dimensional aspect which pleased him more than the two dimensionals of painting, yet still yearning for more.

This is where he begins experimenting with sculptures in metal and stone, finally finding the materials with which he feels comfortable working with using the casting by lost wax and other personal techniques that he has implemented.