Francesco Guardi

Francesco Guardi (Venice, Italy 1712-1793)

Praying Virgin. Oil on Canvas, Oval 19" 1/3 x 16" 1/2 

Francesco Guardi was one of the outstanding Venetian Landscape Painters of the Rococo period. This oval expresses in a vivid and evident way, through a free and light stroke, the deeply felt and spiritual world typical and unique of Francesco's personality.

Francesco Zuccarelli

Francesco Zuccarelli (Pitigliano, Italy 1702 - Florence 1788)

Landscape with Cattle and Figures. Oil on Canvas 42" 1/2 x 28" 1/3

Francesco Zuccarelli was one of the few Venetian landscape painters of his era to win universal acclaim. He brought a more luminous palette to the typically Venetian colors and the figures in his idyllic landscapes come to life. 


Jan Wildens (Antwerp, Belgium 1586 - 1653)

Landscape with figures. Oil on Canvas 17" 2/3 x 11" 1/2 

Jan Wildens was a Flemish landscape painter. His realist scenes show an eye for detail. He was a regular collaborator with Rubens and other Flemish painters for whose compositions he painted the landscapes.


Michele Marieschi (Venice, Italy 1710-1744)

Landscape with figures. Oil on Canvas 18" 1/2 x 28" 2/3 

Michele Marieschi is a renowned Venetian painter, engraver, and architect. He is known especially for his landscapes and cityscapes mostly of Venice. He also created capricci (architectural fantasies or fantastic landscapes). 



Nativity of Jesus with Oriental flavor by Anonymous of XVIII Century. 

Virgin with Joseph, infant Jesus, and the Angel Gabriel.

Venetian School - Oil on Canvas, framed




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