About Mauro Drudi

Mauro Drudi

Mauro Drudi is an Italian artist, sculptor, and writer. Born in Cattolica, on the Adriatic Riviera, Mauro is well known for his fascinating interpretation of the Virgin Annunciate painted by Renaissance artist Antonello da Messina in 1473 and exhibited in Palermo, Sicily. 

With the series called “LEI” (SHE), the artist considers the Annunciate as the archetype from which all women derive, each of them in her own world, and is the expression of her own story through suffering, gentleness, and emotions. The chromatic rhythms are slow and smooth as is the heavenly purity and spirituality. 

This pictorial observation on womanhood has lead him to create several personal exhibitions in Europe.

Drudi’s works also focuses on exploring nature, especially flowers, recreating colors with a technique that can be described as gestural impressions. “This feeling is much more intense when I create without any classic drawing and painting tools. No pencils, charcoals, pastels, or brushes. Simply, I spread the background color with my hands, sketch with my fingers, throw the stems directly from the tube, focusing on impression rather than precision. Finally, I calm down and let the flowers bloom”, says Mauro Drudi.