Massimo Meda

Massimo Meda was born in 1959 near Milan (Italy) where he lives and works. At a very young age he displayed great artistic talents both as a pianist and as a painter, showing a predilection for 3D painting. By age 12 he had his first exhibition, and his paintings were sold-out before it opened. He graduated from Giuseppe Verdi Conservatory of Milan in piano, while he dropped out of Art School only after two years, because his teachers opposed his use of so much paint which was considered too expensive.

Painting and building with cement Medablocks take up most of his time now, and piano playing has become nostalgia expressed with small silhouettes of black and white grand-pianos that he hides in all his artworks. Considered the master of Tridimensionalismo, Massimo Meda rose to prominence in the 1990s with his 3D fluorescent paintings. He paints in layers on aluminum slabs. The medium is acrylic mixed with fluorescent paint. With his distinctive and exuberant color build-ups, he recreates the three-dimensional shapes of flowers, fish, corals, and moons that characterize his unique paintings. He makes his own colors: they are vibrant in the daylight and glow in the dark when exposed to black lights.

Massimo Meda also works with stainless steel which he welds himself. He decorates slabs with symbols and ideograms that represent key moments in his life and art. With his Decorative Writing, he gives a distinctive touch to any object in the house, to the outside walls, and to yachts.

His latest love is architecture. Out of his desire to give life to a cold and poor material such as cement, Massimo Meda has designed artistic Medablocks that have tridimensional relieves inspired by a geometric vision of nature. Sets of superimposed Medablocks form a unique pattern that is anchored with a very simple stainless steel system. Unique pieces of furniture, pillars, fireplaces, fountains walls can be made with Medablocks.

Massimo Meda has three galleries in Italy - Milano, Santa Margherita-Portofino and Porto Cervo - one in Hong Kong, and a permanent collection at AlexArt International in the downtown cultural district of Sarasota, FL (USA).

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