About Andrea Hillebrand

Andrea Hillebrand has been combining her love of window displays, great design and architecture over the last several years to form a body of interpretive work called “Worlds within Worlds” - magical, surreal and abstract imagery from her travels to Paris, where it began, to Milan, Rome, Florence, Verona, Turin, Bologna, Vienna, New York, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Palm Beach, Toronto and Tokyo.

The images are not layered but rather “reflections” from the architectural elements of the street, back into the window displays of some of the most talented and inspiring designers in the world. Thus the title “Worlds within Worlds” - the miniature world the window display artist has created, her artistic way of looking at the world and, reflected in the glass behind her, the world in that moment, passing by.

“... unexpected surprises often occur during the editing process of my images.  When the beauty of something unexpectedly captured reveals itself, I discover I have created a world within a world.  Objects and shapes are transformed, the original forms of figures are transcended and everything is re-interpreted by the viewer, sparking new thoughts, memories of previous  experience, or further reflections.”  - Andrea Hillebrand

Originally from Toronto, Canada, Andrea resides in Sarasota, Florida

AlexArt International
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