elenamelElena Chvanova is a Russian artist and designer who creates beautiful enamel cloisonné jewelry. She has studied art and design in Russia, and cloisonné and metalsmith in Georgia.  Her passion for painting and drawing has given life to her own jewelry line called Elenamel, wearable art accessories.  After living in Europe and California, Elena now resides in Sarasota with her family.

Each Elenamel piece is a little story skillfully created by hand with fine silver wires and vivid enamel colors. This cloisonné jewelry is unique and doesn't have copy anywhere in the world. Think a miniature enamel painting presented on fine silver canvas. Jewelry which stands out due to its originality, incredible color choices and complex artist's work. It is hard to resist the mesmerizing three-dimensional effect of enamel color brightly glowing under the light.  Elenamel jewelry is an exclusive art you can wear.