About Carmelo Messina

Carmelo Messina

Carmelo Messina is an Italian artist. He comes from the business world, where he has been a communicator and promoter in top positions in major Italian companies. Born in Sicily, Carmelo has spent most of his life in Rome, where he began his artistic journey by creating large animated models, viewed by thousands of visitors. For the past 25 years, he has been the master mind behind the biggest animated Christmas Village in Italy, a 540 sqft symbol of hope in a world divided by selfish interests.

The artist experiences his works as a "response of simplicity and clarity" to the opaque languages of today. For this reason, he proposes a "geometric" vision of life through his iron sculptures to which he combines recycled materials, such as treated wood or marine plywood. The artist wants the viewer to feel at the center of the exhibition ground, be it a garden for example, and uses his sculpture as a viewfinder that enhances the outline and increases emotional value of the surroundings.

Messina also works on commission, defining sizes, languages, colors, and geometries together with the customer.

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