Alexa Scanziani

Enthusiastic traveller and eclectic collector, Alexa Scanziani has always surrounded herself with original artifacts expressing stunning beauty and joy of life.

Born and raised in Milan (Italy), Alexa took her first steps in the art world since an early age thanks to her maternal grandparents, who were renowned collectors. Their house was like a museum where growing-up she learnt to appreciate masterpieces of 16th through 20th Century European Art, antique carpets and sculptures.

Her inborn curiosity about the world made her leave home as soon as she became of age, and Italy when she was 21, thanks to full ride scholarships that opened her the doors to two Ivy League universities in Massachusetts (USA): Mount Holyoke College and Harvard University, where she majored in Political Science and Soviet Studies.

She graduated just in time to witness and write about the collapse of the Soviet Union as a young reporter and photographer for the New York Times and Il Corriere della Sera. Her love for journalism and travels solidified, and for more than 20 years inspired her stories about world news, art, music, and book-reviews.

When in 2002 Alexa found her soulmate, she got married, had two beautiful children and chose a life more devoted to her family while remaining true to her innate energetic and curious lifestyle. In May 2016, she moved with her family to sunny Sarasota (USA), where she founded an iconic art gallery that carries her name. The gallery, as the owner, is impressive. Alexa charmed this arty town on the West Coast of Florida with a smashing collection of hyper-colorful- 3D-fluorescent paintings of Italian artist and pianist Massimo Meda.

Energized by the success of the first season, Alexa has decided to expand her selection of Italian excellences and surprise viewers at AlexArt International Art Gallery at 25 N. Pineapple Avenue with always new mind-blowing masterpieces.